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English Language Test

English Language Grammar Level Test

How to use this test: Add your contact details below. Then select the word or phrase which you think is correct from the drop-down menus. There are forty [40] questions, and depending on your proficiency in English, this test will take about 30 minutes. When you have finished, click 'Submit'. You will then receive your score.

Contact details
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Choose the correct word or phrase from the drop-down menus

1 Where is Mr Peterson? He to a customer at the moment.
2 My wife to her office every day.
3 John taking clients out to dinner.
4 I to China last month to visit our new subsidiary.
5 Because of the strike in our factory, we any profits last year.
6 the sales manager yesterday?
7 a mistake in this report.
8 The Chief Executive visit our Spanish office next week.
9 There is no direct flight. You change at Frankfurt.
10 Excuse me, that case is .
11 My colleague and his wife are visiting daughter in Australia.
12 do you get from London to Birmingham?
13 wrote this letter?
14 I had an enquiry from Rome this morning but I it yet.
15 Where is the report? I it to you last week.
16 He's helpful than his assistant.
17 This is the test I have ever done!
18 I'll telephone you from Vienna if I time.
19 When I went into his office he to his secretary.
20 Welcome to Tokyo, Mr Jones! to Japan before?
21 I'll phone you when I the result of the meeting.
22 If we our price, we would gain market share.
23 We haven't contacted our overseas agents last february.
24 My colleague will explain the machine.
25 I have a Mercedes now, but I drive a Fiat.
26 By the time I arrived at the meeting, the Board the Chairman.
27 He told me that he translate it, so I did it for him.
28 That newspaper article by a friend of mine.
29 If there are no further problems, the goods at once.
30 The machine is very dirty, you can see it for months.
31 In ten years' time, the company's turnover .
32 He doesn't enjoy by plane.
33 Would you mind in a few minutes.
34 We would like you our company in South America.
35 Companies risk key personnel if they don't offer generous benefits.
36 If we hadn't reduced the price, they us the contract.
37 It all depends the Chief Executive's final decision.
38 I look forward from you soon.
39 The management board consists six directors and the Chairman.
40 You your shares in that company - it has doubled its profits recently.

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